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    Merci Beaucoup Lakers Groom's Cake from Amazing Wedding Cakes of WeTV

    I was doing a wedding planning consultation with a bride and groom and I asked about the groom’s cake.  They had not heard of this cake so, in case you also haven’t heard it either, here is some information:

    The groom’s cake originates from a tradition in the American South.  The legend is that single women attending a wedding should go home with a piece of groom’s cake and put it under her pillow.  When she sleeps, she will dream of her future husband.

    Today, many brides order a cake decorated to reflect their groom’s hobby or special interest and surprise them with it at the rehearsal dinner (to be used as dessert) or their wedding reception.  For example, the Lakers cake above, made by Merci Beaucoup Bakery and featured on the WeTV show, Amazing Wedding Cakes, was ordered by a bride as a wedding day surprise for her groom.

    If you want to have the groom’s cake at your reception, rather than serving it, you can use it as a wedding favor.  Have the bakery supply small boxes for slices of cake that your guests can take home and eat later – or put under their pillows!

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    Posted by Sharon Hill @ 9:56 PM

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