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    Bride Starts Her Wedding Day Eating Breakfast

    Did you watch last night’s episode of Wild Weddings on The Learning Channel (TLC)?  If you did, you probably saw the bride who fainted at the altar, twice.  The problem – she had not eaten all day.

    Your wedding day timeline should include time to eat before the wedding ceremony.  Start the day with a good breakfast then prepare, or have someone prepare for you, healthy snacks that you and your bridesmaids can grab during the day as you are getting your hair and makeup done.  The snacks you select should not be too salty, greasy, spicy, or high in fiber, in other words, stay away from anything that might cause water retention, bloating, or an upset stomach.  You definitely don’t want to eat onions, garlic, or anything that will make your breath unpleasant.

    And don’t think that you can just wait until your reception to eat.  You will be too excited and busy to get in more than a few small bites.  Don’t strave on your wedding day, plan in advance to take the time to eat.

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